The studio 56 specializes in portraiture photography with a strong focus on story telling. Our studio is the natural backdrop of your home backyard, a public park, or any other location that defines you. Our style is casual, candid, compelling, and unexpected. Capturing every last detail of authentic life is the primary goal of our session. Sometimes a picture tells a story no words could tell.

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Meet Diana Foster


Lifestyle Photographer of the Studio 56

Diana Foster



I’m a lifestyle photographer living and creating in Kansas City. Real moments, the ones that seem so ordinary, but in hindsight are truly the most precious, are the heart of lifestyle photography. For me, photography is not about gadget or equipment. It is the art of story telling. My role as a daughter, sister, wife, mother, and teacher helps me see beauty in every person and place. Where life really happens is in the moments that hide in plain sight. What’s behind the camera really matters.

A belief in capturing everyday life in beautiful and unexpected ways, drives my art. My inspiration comes from being awake enough to recognize a compelling story just waiting to be told. My style is fresh, candid, and full of light. Viewing the world up close through macro photography has become a prominent feature in my work. This intimate point of view dramatizes the fragility of life. Being in the moment allows me to find the visual message in simple, everyday objects and events. My hope is to invite viewers to explore the world around them with fresh perspective.




Behind the Scene





It’s my lens, not the brand of my camera, through which I see the matchless and vibrant beauty in a flower, a woman, a child or a family. The stolen glances, the unspoken affection, the suppressed smile that shows through the sparkle of an eye; Those are the genuine moments that I capture. I spent a lifetime teaching those others deemed unreachable; little did I know that education was my photography training. It is true that I taught them how to function, but they taught me how to see. Through those years of influence, I see radiance in the mundane. I see beyond photos to capture feeling, emotion, and the true essence that is beauty.