Dancing Snowflakes
Dancing Snowflakes

The Studio 56, WINTER STYLE.  How many times have you been absolutely stunned by a family portrait and wished you had a similar image of your family?  It’s time for you to take a stand and declare ” No more boring family photographs!”  Let us capture fun, fresh, candid memories of your family bathed in natural light and glowing in a way that just doesn’t happen in front of a white background.  Our Winter style session is so much fun.  We have fantastic props:  vintage toboggan, snowman kit, vintage sled, and much more.  Thought you might like to see all these families having fun in the snow.

Pose 32


Pose 29










Pose 12


Pose 6




DSC_0962 DSC_1095_edited-1 Pose 29


DSC_1292_edited-1 copy with logo


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