Handmade Photo Gifts
Handmade Photo Gifts

Glad to see you back!  We have more handmade photo gift ideas!



Photo clipboards as gifts!  How fun are these?  Get a clipboard at your local  office product store.  Enlarge a photograph a bit larger than the clipboard.  I created a template by tracing around the board.  Place the template onto the photography, cut and glue onto the board.  Trim the edges.



There are full-sized clipboards as well as mini’s.



Another mini photo clipboard!  An easel is a great gift.  There are so many uses for a fun easel.



This glass trinket box was half-price at my local craft store.  I took a square paper punch to cut the photo and glued it onto the box.



This mini album was created from a chipboard tag album I found in the dollar bin.  I located the photos I wanted to include and cut them the the right size.  They always need some trimming.  I frequently sand the edges for a nice, soft look.  The album came with the chain.



Mini spiral photo book by Vista Print.  www.visitaprint.com



I have been a card maker for 20 years.  This card is a hybrid.  (photo card/scrapbooking)  I die-cut around the photo.



Bottlecap art has been very popular.  This is a 2 1/2″ bottlecap.  I used a 2″ paper punch to cut the photo and then glued into the cap.  Added a round magnet to the back.  Both the bottlecaps and magnet can be found at your local scrapbook store.  I love Archiver’s.  www.archivers.com

Thanks for visiting.  See you tomorrow!

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